This Happens More Often Than I would Like - Part 3

We received a call from a woman that was selling her house, with closing in two days. The A/C had to be operational on the date of closing. She had been told by another large HVAC company that the A/C unit needed to be replaced. The compressor was burnt out. I told the customer we could replace the burnt out unit the next day, as it was already 2 pm and she agreed as our price was much less than she had been quoted by the other company.

   When we arrived the next morning I went to  disconnect the wiring and found that the main power wire had burnt off at the connection. I replaced the melted connection and turned on the A/C unit. It started and was running normally.  

  Once I started it, it was running normally..She noticed the cool air blowing in the house. We had only been on the job site 30 mins and she thought we had already replaced the unit. I explained that it was just a bad connection that had caused the problem and that we had just fixed it instead of replacing it. (Replacing it properly would take at least 4 hours).

   We loaded the new unit back onto the truck, charged her for a service call and she was more than happy.