So you've got heating/cooling equipment but you know it's not working the way it should be. Get in touch with us to do a check up on your system and see if a repair can fix the problem.

Replacing HVAC equipment is costly and we at Active Air Inc are homeowners too. For your heating system repair, air conditioning repair, ventilation work, or regular cleaning/maintenance we've got you covered. Our trained HVAC service technicians will be happy to answer all of your questions and address your concerns so that you can feel comfortable with our recommendations.


Emergency Service Calls

It happens, we think the furnace is going to make it through one more season but on that cold and fateful night, it meets its end.

Call us at 905-312-8545 if you require immediate service. After hour rates apply.


For reliable service and quality workmanship in Hamilton, ON, the choice is clear. Call Active Air Inc, and let us tend to all of your HVAC repair needs. 

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